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About Us

P-Dinh Finishing Bindery was founded in 1998 by Phillip Dinh with a goal of providing customers with the very best in hand crafted bindery and fulfillment. That vision continues through today, with an ongoing focus on the highest quality work, and exceeding customer’s expectations.

We feel it is our mission to push the boundaries when it comes to design, creativity and ingenuity, and along the way we have built a reputation for consistent quality and fast turnaround. We partner with our clients to complete their jobs and to help fulfill their commitments. Since we are typically the last step in the process for most of our customer’s projects, we realize that hitting those promised deadlines depends upon our meeting your needs. To that end, we are not just in the bindery business, our primary business is helping our customers succeed.

We believe that open, realistic communication and attention to detail are factors in our success. Fast response to quote requests and courteous interaction are added to the mix to make sure your needs are satisfied. We will push the boundaries to perform for our clients but we will not make a promise without the complete confidence that we will deliver. That way you can always depend on us to come through for you, no matter what your bindery needs.

Although the core of our business is binding and fulfillment, we provide a number of value added services, aimed at assuring you the best possible product quality and exceptional service. Our goal is to make the process of outsourcing worry-free, and for each job to run smoothly from the first call for an estimate to the final delivery.

We thoroughly enjoy working on custom requests. We draw on our years of experience, as well as the long-standing relationships we have with our suppliers, to develop creative and unique ideas. Our solutions-based approach has produced countless innovative ideas for our customers. Let us help you take your idea or project to the next level, and together we can turn your vision into a high-quality finished project.

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